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Specializing in Rare and Antiquarian Books on the Occult and more.

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MAGIC IN THE MODERN WORLD. Strategies of Repression and Legitimization (2017) edited by Edward Bever and Randall Styers (Hardcover)


MAGIC IN THE MODERN WORLD. Strategies of Repression and Legitimization (2017) edited by Edward Bever and Randall Styers (Hardcover)


BEVER, Edward and Randall STYERS (edited by)

Magic in the Modern World. Strategies of Repression and Legitimization 

University Park: Penn State University Press, 2017. First Edition. Hardcover. Octavo. 208 pp. 

Tiny corner bump, otherwise a fine copy in like dust jacket

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This collection of essays considers the place of magic in the modern world, first by exploring the ways in which modernity has been defined in explicit opposition to magic and superstition, and then by illuminating how modern proponents of magic have worked to legitimize their practices through an overt embrace of evolving forms such as esotericism and supernaturalism.

Taking a two-track approach, this book explores the complex dynamics of the construction of the modern self and its relation to the modern preoccupation with magic. Essays examine how modern “rational” consciousness is generated and maintained and how proponents of both magical and scientific traditions rationalize evidence to fit accepted orthodoxy. This book also describes how people unsatisfied with the norms of modern subjectivity embrace various forms of magic—and the methods these modern practitioners use to legitimate magic in the modern world. A compelling assessment of magic from the early modern period to today, Magic in the Modern World shows how, despite the dominant culture’s emphatic denial of their validity, older forms of magic persist and develop while new forms of magic continue to emerge.

Introduction, Edward Bever and Randall Styers

Chapter 1, “Bad Habits, or, How Superstition Disappeared in the Modern World,” Randall Styers

Chapter 2, “Descartes’ Dreams, the Neuropsychology of Disbelief, and the Making of the Modern Self,” Edward Bever

Chapter 3, “Why Magic Cannot Be Falsified by Experiments,” Benedek Láng

Chapter 4, “Witches as Liars: Witchcraft and Civilization in the Early American Republic,” Adam Jortner

Chapter 5, “Loagaeth, q consibra a caosg: The Contested Arena of Modern Enochian Angel Magic,” Egil Asprem

Chapter 6, “Babalon Launching: Jack Parsons, Rocketry, and the ‘Method of Science,’” Erik Davis

Chapter 7, “Manning the High Seat: Seidr as Self-Making in Contemporary NorseNeopaganisms,” Megan Goodwin

Chapter 8, “Reviving Dead Names: Strategies of Legitimization in the Necronomicon of Simon and the Dark Aesthetic,” Dan Harms

Selected Bibliography