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Specializing in Rare and Antiquarian Books on the Occult and more.


Rare Occult Books

Thank you to everyone who took advantage of our recent 20% off sale (there were a lot of you). We will now be taking a little time off to to do some website maintenance. Upon our return we will have many new arrivals listed. You can still contact us by e-mail with any questions (e-mail address below). We apologize for any inconvenience.

Offering a selection of fine, rare and unusual books with a strong focus on Magic and the Occult. Here you will find antiquarian and out-of-print works on Ceremonial Magic, Witchcraft, Demonology, Alchemy and Hermeticism, the Magical Practices of Ancient Egypt and the Near East, Tantrik and other Eastern Esoteric traditions, Mythology, Curious Lore, and more. 

Please note that the majority of our acquisitions are offered directly to customers who have provided us with their want lists. The rest are available only through this site, and at book fairs. Latest arrivals can be found at the top of the "Books" page. Those who sign up for our mailing list always get first notice of special sales, and other timely information. Click on the mailing list link above in order to sign up. If there are specific authors, titles, or subject areas you are interested in, please send us your want list. We can be reached at (

Richard Bishop Bookseller  |  Portland, OR  |  503.704.2376  |